No. 3899



On the 22nd October 2019 the Lodge of Goodwill No. 3899 celebrated their Centenary 1919 - 2019.

The warrant was issued on 15th November 1918 and consecrated on 26th April 1919 by the then

Provincial Grand Master RW Bro Colonel William F Wyley. 

In attendance on Tuesday was the RW Bro David Macey Provincial Grand Master, accompanied by

W Bro John Hayward APGM, the Wardens Gary Macauley, and Avtar Panesar and 26 Provincial Officers.


The Centenary Warrant was escorted into the room

by the Provincial Secretary W Bro Derek Lodge with a column from the Lodge of Goodwill comprising of

W Bro Neville Wright, W Bro David Wright, W Bro Ron Henderson,

W Bro Edward Belcher, W Bro Mike Hodkinson and Bro Luke Stanton.

Centenary Column


The Warrant was presented by RW Bro David Macey PGM to W. Bro Len Taylor Worshipful Master.

Centenary Warrant presentation

In the above photo left to right are

W Bro Keith Halliwell, RW Bro David Macey PGM, W Bro Len Taylor,

W Bro John Hayward APGM, W Bro Edward Belcher.


The Lodge room was almost full with 

68 Brethren, Provincial Officers and visitors

from various lodges who have supported and visited over the years.

W Bro Keith Halliwell travelled from Spain for this special event.

Everyone each received a Centenary gift of an engraved pen,

a bottle of Centenary Beer and a 1919 old penny.


The amazing history of the Lodge of Goodwill was compiled and presented from the minute books by 

W Bro Mike Hodkinson with help from W Bro John Lealand. 


The Founders of Lodge of Goodwill were in the main members

of Temperance Lodge No 739.

The Provincial Grand Chaplain, W Bro John Cowan, delivered a splendid oration on the foundation of the Lodge,

looking back to the circumstances in 1918, and highlighting the courage of the Founders back in those dark days.

There has been a Bro Len Taylor in the Lodge for over 76 years, father and son.

There are numerous relatives that have joined Goodwill making it a real family Lodge.

centenary Brethren

A photograph of some of the Goodwill Brethren and Provincial Officers who attended.








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